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For manufacturers

The company "NAIDY" values ​​your time and money, therefore, offers mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of supply of components for sliding wardrobes. The company "NAIDY" - a profile in packages, pieces and in CUTTING!

What are you getting?

   Maximum profit:

  1. We offer a high-margin product and a flexible system of discounts
  2. We provide an opportunity to start with minimal investment
  3. We ship the profile in bundles, pieces and IN a CUT
  4. We free you from worries with the leftovers and trimming of the profile
  5. Saving time:

    We offer YOU a wide range of products in one place:

  6. We offer unique glossy decors
  7. We deliver the goods as soon as possible (3-5 days)
  8. Availability of goods in stock
  9. We employ highly qualified managers
  10. We try to simplify the whole process as much as possible from submitting an application to shipment of goods
  11. Active development:

  12. We provide information and advertising support and marketing support (product samples, catalogs)
  13. We provide Consulting support in terms of development (audit of existing business processes, identification of problems and their effective solution)

You can be sure of the stability and professionalism of the NAIDY Company - we have been successfully working on the market for over 21 years!

Are you curious? Call now!

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