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Company history

Year Event


 Opening of the first finishing materials shop, OSMO in the shopping centre TSUM, Izhevsk. Creation of NAIDY brand. Set up rolling door wardrobes production from foreign production components.


 Mastered the production of the first NAIDY system profiles.

 NAIDY starts working outside Izhevsk. Launched the process of distributor network creation. Developed distributor network provides maximum availability of NAIDY products all over Russia.


 NAIDY starts making mirrors.


 NAIDY steel system is developed and brought to the market.

 NAIDY expanded its production capacities. Powder coating line was launched. Punching and moulding of plastics under pressure section was created.


 Started making net products to fill rolling door wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes.

 A tradition appeared to hold annual seminars for company distributors.


 NAIDY set up the most modern steel profile manufacture line in Russia.


 NAIDY keeps increasing its production capacities and launches decorative glass sandblasting section. The second NAIDY-furniture shop opens in Izhevsk.

 NAIDY products win the all-Russian quality competition “100 best goods in Russia”


 NAIDY broadened the range of products. Set up the production of wrapped (laminated) steel profile. Created NAIDY aluminium system for rolling door wardrobes.

 NAIDY wins a diploma of the Udmurt Republic President Quality Competition.

 We receive a patent for NAIDY swing aluminium system.


 We bring NAIDY swing aluminium system for rolling door wardrobes to the market.

 NAIDY certified its quality management system and received a standard ISO 9001 certificate.


 We bring NAIDY suspended and swing aluminium system to the market.

 We receive a patent for the steel system intersectional profile.


 Creation of «Bonarty» trade mark. NAIDY-furniture broadens the range of its products and brings Bonarty connecting doors to the market.


 We bring premium class rolling door wardrobes Bonarty to the market, they are made under Italian technologies and on Italian equipment.

 Management system recertification is performed to meet the new version of ISO 9001 standard. Successful certification of NAIDY rolling door wardrobes to meet Russian National Standard.


 Introduction of the new coloured glass production technology. Colour palette expansion up to 24 colours.


 We opened our own aluminium profile anodising plant, its capacity – 300 tonnes of aluminium a month.


 Mastered sales and production of aluminium furniture stand legs for tables.

 — Mastered sales and production of decorative fresco paintings.

 Mastered the unique new technology of decorating aluminium profile that allows to manufacture glossy aluminium profile of the most unique colours using the technology of thermal vacuum transfer, with different drawings that imitate different textures including wood.

 Participated in an international furniture exhibition Furniture-2012.


 Started producing items of an absolutely new area: Solutions for the Garden


 Participation in an exhibition House and Garden, Moscow with our new products Solutions for the Garden.


 We bring our new products of our own production – Loft Kit frame-module system to the market. The system proved itself on an annual international Furniture exhibition in Moscow.

 We bring Line System storage rack system to the market.


 Participation in the first offline furniture exhibition UMIDS.


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