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Система хранения Home Space

   We are used to storing our clothes either in ready-made wardrobes that we buy in furniture shops or in the custom-made furniture. Almost all these items are produced from laminated chipboard. People are used to it and they think that furniture from laminated chipboard is the best they can buy for their homes. However, such furniture has a number of obvious and significant disadvantages: 
       - Laminated chipboard is not ecologically clean, after the purchase at first you can feel a distinctive smell that becomes unnoticeable over the time but never disappears;  
          -  Your clothes don’t “breathe” in a wardrobe made of laminated chipboard. If you put wet clothes on the shelf, not only they won’t dry, they will have an unpleasant mouldy odour;
          -When you buy furniture from laminated chipboard, you have to seek help from professionals who are going to calculate, produce and assemble your wardrobe because it’s not easy. Also, when you place an order for the wardrobe, you need to think about all the details of storing clothes in the wardrobe in advance because it’s not possible to change anything in the wardrobe made of laminated chipboard.

      Everybody nowadays is trying to choose constructions for their homes that are convenient and easy to assemble; we try to save our time, our money and take care of our family. That’s why storage systems with net basket and shelves that can be fixed on a vertical mounting rack are becoming more and more popular. These systems have undeniable advantages compared to the traditional furniture:  

Safety for your health Humidity resistance 
Simple assembly that you can do yourself Variability
Opportunity to save time when looking for clothes               More useful storage space 
Durability and wearability Reliability

система хранения хом спейс

 NAIDY is offering a storage system for your home (Home Space)..

NAIDY storage system is:

Health safety – NAIDY system (Home Space) elements  are made of ecologically clean materials, don’t produce formaldehydes and other harmful substances which makes the system safe even for children’s rooms.

More useful storage space - torage space is used effectively. Net shelves, rolling baskets, shoe shelves and other elements are placed efficiently and properly. You use every centimetre of space, storing more things than before.

High quality –the newest high-technology equipment allows us to guarantee high quality of the items we produce.

Natural ventilation - net baskets and shelves guarantee natural air circulation, that’s why your clothes always stay fresh. Unlike chipboard shelves and drawers that produce formaldehydes, net baskets and shelves are absolutely safe for the health of children and adults.

Reliability – NAIDY storage system performs its functions trouble-free during the many years of its operation due to high-quality steel and a unique way of fixing brackets on the assembly profile. 

Durability and wearability – n case of often rearrangements, brackets in similar systems come loose and don’t fix firmly. Brackets in NAIDY system are fixed firmly and don’t come loose over the time. Net baskets and shelves don’t wear off like chipboard, edge band doesn’t peel off, handles don’t fall off.

Good price – great quality-price ratio saves your money.  

Opportunity to save time when looking for clothes- the system looks light, you can see all the things which makes the process of looking for clothes faster.  

Easy assembly - вll the elements are designed using the most progressive design techniques which guarantees an easy, simple and intuitively comprehensible assembly. NAIDY system assembly doesn’t require special instruments or professional skills. You can change the system, swap the shelves or buy necessary elements. If you decide to move house or make repairs, you can disassemble the system and assemble it in a new place without breaking the construction.


The system looks great – huge rectangle holes on an assembly profile cause associations with a glass case in a cheap supermarket? The holes of NAIDY assembly profile are practically invisible, its prismatic shape easily fits into any interior. 

Art – NAIDY system (Home Space)  allows to create a variety of options for different rooms of your home: a living-room, a bedroom, a garage, a workshop, a hall, a bathroom, a home office, a library, a walk-in wardrobe. You can create original solutions for your interior yourself. The system fits into any room and can be put into any space.

Variability – It changes together with your needs, expanding and changing the functions of the system. Depending on your needs, you can easily change the interval between the shelves and the baskets. Universality of our systems is in the opportunity to add and to change its elements based on your needs.

Humidity resistance – NAIDY system elements are not afraid of high humidity, they can be used in bathrooms.

NAIDY system is a modern, innovative solution to organise space at your home.

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