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Декоративные стекла и зеркала

We can’t help but agree with the fact that a mirror is one of those items that are always in sight and that create a unique atmosphere in the room. That’s why it comes as no surprise that placing a mirror on the door of a rolling door wardrobe has become highly widespread which is an example of a practical approach to the design of furniture and interior elements.

In addition to its obvious practical function, a mirror in a rolling door wardrobe also has a clear decorative function. With this element you can visually increase the space of the room that is not very big. Noble texture of a mirror together with sandblasted patterns will emphasize the originality of the designer’s idea realized in the interior of your place.

In a variety of modern rolling door wardrobes a model with mirrors or glass with sandblasted patterns of different themes are not on the last place.

If you come to Naidy, you will be able to place an order for a mirror for a rolling door wardrobe as well as for a decorative glass based on your requests regarding the texture, the pattern, the colour and the decorative design of the rolling door wardrobe front. A wide assortment of designer solutions for mirrors and decorative glass for your attention:

  • glass with sandblasted pattern;
  • mirror with sandblasted pattern;
  • ground glass;
  • ground mirror;
  • coloured NAIDY glass;
  • ground coloured NAIDY glass;
  • mirror with colourful pattern;
  • coloured NAIDY glass with sandblasted pattern*.

    * Check out the relevant section for more detailed information on decorative glass assortment.

High-impact film on the inner side of the mirror guarantees its high mechanical stability, protective polymeric covering on the outer side guarantees durability of the pattern and protects the pattern from dirt.

Combining mirror and matt surface is a trend that we used in the design of some of our mirrors. It creates variety of textures of mirrors and emphasizes the originality of the stylistic solutions realized in the interior design of the entire place. Moreover, sandblasting processing technology allows to create a dimensional pattern on the mirror which is impossible to do by any other way. The mirror of the rolling door wardrobe is in balance with any other interior elements made of metal, wood, stone.

Decorative coloured glass is glass with a layer of special coating (special paint) applied on the inner side of the surface. We use modern technologies and certified materials which guarantees ecological safety, high colour transfer quality and coating durability. Even a little bit of coloured glass in the interior of the room will immediately place the owners into the category of beauty experts. Coloured glass is a fashionable design trend, a material to create modern furniture and stylish interior. In the company’s catalogue you can place an order for glass or mirrors made in any style: from classics to hi-tech as well as decorative coloured glass.

Standard leaf sizes for wardrobe doors: mirror 802,5×2750 mm, glass 900×2750 mm.

Standard leaf size of a coloured glass insert: 450×900 mm.

If you can’t choose decorative design from the relevant section of our catalogue, we can prepare and apply the pattern on the glass or the mirror according to your sketches and your requests.


We use professional equipment that allows to render original (natural) colours. However, colour rendering and image saturation on your monitor can differ from the original due to its individual settings. Differences possible between the ready item and the picture on your monitor.

Should you have any questions, please contact our manager:
Yulia Kuligina,
тел.: 8 904 311 00 61

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