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Additional storage space in the kitchen

Additional storage space in the kitchen

New product in the ‘Products for home and kitchen’ section.

Big four-section shelf is fixed on the inside wall of the façade with screws. It is made of steel 6mm wire. This convenient item helps to save space of the ready-built kitchen or bathroom. Not only you can store spices there, but also cosmetics.

Shelf overall dimensions 311х100х500 mm


  • stylish design,

  • durability and longevity,

  • space ergonomics,

  • good price.

Multisection shelf is a perfect variant for storing little things that you don’t have space on your kitchen table for.

Manufactured in three colours: white, white moire, black moire.

Retail price, white: 1449 rubles a piece.

Retail price, white moire and black moire: 1610 rubles a piece.


There are special conditions for our clients.
Please contact our managers for the price.

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